Who we are

ESB Electricke stroje, a.s. -  with  a  tradition  stretching  back  to  1952  and more than a hundred employees, is the largest repair firm in the Czech Republic in the field of repairs to motors, generators and transformers.

The  company’s  extensive  production  premises  and  technical facilities,  along  with  the  great  experience  and  skill  of  its employees, enable it to perform machine repairs ranging from simple inspections to general overhauls of entire machines. We also perform diagnostics to electrical machinery.

Organizational structure




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Facts and figures

Financial indicators

ESB Elektrické stroje, a.s. In 2019 the total annual turnover was 72 million CZK. Equity covers 75% of the company's total assets. As of 31 December 2019, external resources amounted to CZK 17 million

Production space

The overall company premises of 16 000m² is used up by production 4 000m², storage and logistics 3 000m². Additional space is available in our older storage halls if needed. We are also happy to rent our unused storage space in Brno, please ask for a quotation.

Employee count

Currently, 91 employees work at ESB Elektrické stroje, as. The company employs 70 electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and engineers, locksmiths and retractors and 21 employees work in administration and support activities. One quarter of employees are women and three quarters are men.

Our history

Our history dates back to 1952 when ESB Elektrické stroje, at that time named "Energetické strojírny Brno", was a part of the Czechoslovak power engineering within the ČEZ Group – production, transmission and electricity distribution. The decision came from the state authorities who wished to build a large repair center for Czechoslovak republic.

It was in 1992 when ESB became an independent company, with a range of individual divisions: division electrical machines, division switchboards, division machines.

In 2007 the was finally dividied into three separate entities based on the three divisions. ESB Elektrické stroje is based on the former division of electrical machines. ESB Elektrické stroje continues uninetrupted in its production activities since 1952.

Since 2008 ESB Elektrické stroje is a proud member of the International BEZ Group. The privately owned International BEZ Group, based in Bratislava, the Slovak Republic is a transformer power house in central Europe. The holding company combines a significant amount of transformer knowledge and expertise of some of the most respected and renowned European producers and service companies of small, medium and large power transformers in one group.

Quality and certificates

ESB derives a great benefit from the combined know-how of the whole Internatinal BEZ Group, which it is a part of. As the largest repair facility in the Czech Republic within its field, ESB takes pride to offer outstanding servise to its clients. Our delicate scope of business requires that each process is subject to the stringest rules of quality management. ESB works in accordance with all relevant standards of the European Union and implements the following:

- quality management system EN ISO 9001:2016

- environmental  management system EN ISO 14001:2016

- occupational health and safety management system EN ISO 45001:2018

Career opportunities

We currently do not have any vacant positions. However, please share your CV with us and we will make sure to carefully consider each applicant.

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