Transformer repairs and revisions

We  provide  comprehensive  services  in  the  repair  and inspection of transformers of various types and powers from a range of manufacturers.

We perform inspections and repairs to transformers up to a power of cca 70 MVA on the company site. The upper limit for transformers repaired is based on the lifting capacity of 77 tons of the crane in the production hall. Where the extent of work permits, we also perform complete overhauls and inspections of transformers on the customer’s premises. We perform the filtration and r egeneration of transformer oils on company premises and on the customer’s premises with the use of a mobile regeneration station. We also perform the external assembly of electric machines of all powers and voltages.

If you are not entirely sure whether our services suit your needs, just ask us here.

We  perform  the  repair,  modernization  and  inspection  of transformers on company premises

Inspections and repairs to

  • high-voltage and very-high-voltage transformers up to 70 MVA
  • furnace transformers
  • oil and air inductors and reactors
  • rail transformers and inductors
  • special non-rotating machines

The inspection, repair and replacement of the switching devices of control transformers of various types from a range of manufacturers

Diagnostics of transformers and oil treatment (oil regeneration or filtration)

The repair and modernization of cooling systems and ventilators

We offer the following services on remote locations or at the customer’s premises

The repair and inspection of transformers on the customer’s premises with no limitation on voltage or power

The repair of measuring transformers

The filtration and regeneration of transformer oils

The drying of transformers

The assembly of electric machinery

Associated services

Diagnostics and tests of electric machines in a certificated testing department

Production of new coilings and windings

Vacuum impregnation

Vacuum drying

Tightness pressure tests

Locksmith work

Blasting of equipment to a size of up to 2 x 2 x 2 meters and  a weight of up to 2 tons

Rotary machines repairs and revisions

We  specialize  in  complete  services  in  the  area  of  repairs  to rotating electric machines, motors, generators and frequency converters  of  various  types  and  power  from  a  range  of manufacturers.

Our testing department is capable of performing complete piece tests on synchronous, asynchronous and direct-current  machines,  including  magnetic  current  tests,  tests  of impress voltages, open-circuit and locked-rotor tests, frequency analyses of vibrations and diagnostics of bearings. Where the extent of work permits, we also perform complete overhauls and inspections on the customer’s premises. We  perform  inspections  and  repairs  to  rotating  electric machines to a voltage level of 13.5 kV and a weight of 70 tons at the company’s own site.

If you are not entirely sure whether our services suit your needs, just ask us here.

We perform repairs and inspections to rotating machines

synchronous alternators up to an power of 60 MW, air-cooled

asynchronous motors with wound armature and short-circuit armature, from 50 kW and upwards

synchronous motors of all outputs and voltages

exciters of all types


measurement of the mechanical characteristics and electrical parameters of pieces of machinery and equipment, assessment of their condition and operability

putting pieces of equipment into operation

Associated servises

dynamic balancing of rotors up a weight of 14 tons and  a length of 5 metres, maximum speed of balancing machine3,600 rpm
production of replacement windings and coils
analyses and measurement of the properties of turbine oil, the issuing of protocols on tests, oil condition protocols
tests on machines in our own test department with  a 1 MW source

  • routine tests according to CSN, EN standards or the requirements of the client
  • magnetism tests
  • measurement of temperature rise
  • vibration measurements,
  • high-frequency short circuits test on coils

filtration and drying of turbine oils on the client’s premises using specialized mobile equipment

We use the following equipment and machinery

hydraulic presses for hardening the insulation of coils in heat class F

schuman banding machine

vacuum impregnation in an impregnation tank, filling weight up to 5 tons

drying box with smooth temperature regulation up to 140 °C

paint shop with waste substance filtration

vertical press 70 tons

horizontal clamp press 500 tons

waterjet cutting

Abrasive jet cutting is suitable for cutting thick metal materials and other materials of highly complicated shapes, including cutting at an angle. Cut holes smaller than the thickness of the material to a minimum the same as the kerf.

You can supply your own material, or we can provide materials ourselves following agreement. We can also cut holes in ready pieces or alter ready products in other ways. We also offer blasting, varnishing, deburring and the surface finishing of products in our own paint shop

We will be delighted to provide you with a specific price calculation and further information. The final price is the sum of the price of cutting + SW treatment + handling + base material.

If you are not entirely sure whether our services suit your needs, just ask us here.

Cutting with pure water

Suitable for cutting cork, polystyrene, thin plastics, rubbers, etc.

Cutting with an abrasive jet (Abrasive used: MINERSIV)

Suitable for cutting steel, copper, aluminium, granite, marble, sandstone, glass, insulation materials, etc.

Basic cutting parameters

  • Minimum kerf width 0.76 mm
  • Maximum temperature during cutting 60 °C
  • Maximum thickness of cut material 150 mm
  • Maximum dimensions of cut piece 3,100 x 1,600 mm
  • Maximum dimensions of table 3,300 x 1,800 mm, a weight up to 5,000 kg
  • Cutting at an angle of up to 50°